FREE Repair Estimates

We offer FREE repair estimates on nearly every make and model of borescope out there.*

* Unfortunately, Karl Storz charges a mandatory minimum "service fee" that we could not get around.  We apologize on their behalf for any inconvenience this may cause you!

How it works...

Step 1

Call or Email us to let us know your equipment is on the way!

(931) 362-4009 Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm Central US Time
-or- 24/7

We appreciate Purchase/Repair Orders that are as detailed as possible with any noted problems.  This helps us narrow down where the issues with your equipment may be for a more accurate estimation of repair costs.

Step 2


Borescopes R Us
1330 College Street
Suite S
Clarksville, TN 37040

Once received, an initial inspection will be preformed to document all obvious noted problems.
Then, the equipment is sent to a specialized repair technician who can investigate and best estimate repair costs.

Step 3 - The Estimate

Once all the information for estimated cost to repair is assembled, we are able to present you with a Repair Estimate for your approval!

If it is approved, a qualified and highly trained repair technician will begin work on repairing your equipment right away.  If it is not, we will return it to you once we have appropriate shipment instructions.

When the cost of repair is too high in comparison to replacing with new equivalent equipment, we must deem the equipment BER - Beyond Economical Repair.  In this event, we are able to offer scrap reports for tax write-off purposes - simply request a scrap report!


Step 4

Final QC Inspection & Shipment


Before returning equipment, a trained specialist will preform a final Quality Control inspection, and then it will be packaged and shipped back to you.  We strive to provide the best possible service, and will attempt to get a tracking number for this return journey as soon as possible.  (We know you missed it.)

We truly wish you to have the best experience with Borescopes R Us as possible, but we also (unfortunately) must guard against fraudulent claims and attempts to take unfair advantage of our business.

All repair work is protected by a limited 90 day warranty.  This warranty covers ONLY defect or failure of the documented repair work, and does NOT cover user-caused damage or "new" issues unrelated to the repair work preformed on your equipment.

Once you've received your equipment (based on tracking information's notation of successful delivery), you will have 3 days to inspect repaired equipment and notify us of any shortages, overages, or defect/damages unrelated to original repair request.  After this 3 day period, we assume your full approval and acceptance of the condition of the equipment received, and validity of claims will require approval from our management.

Please see our Terms & Restrictions page for legal notices and further information.