Rental – 4mm Handheld Videoscope (PVRS-2-4-1000)

Rental - 4mm Handheld Videoscope (PVRS-2-4-1000)

Daily Rental: $349.00 per day (Minimal 1.5 Days Rental)
Weekly Rental: $1,199.00 per Week (7 Calendar Days)

Rental – Fiberscope CH2-4-1 Kit (RCH2-4-1Kit)

Rental - Fiberscope CH2-4-1 Kit (RCH2-4-1Kit)

Daily Rental: $200.00 per day. (Minimum 1.5 days rental)
Weekly Rental: $899.00 (7 Calendar Days)

Rental – Other Models Available

iTool System

Other Models Available Call us for all available rentals.   Half Price Rentals During the Borescope Repair Process We offer half price borescope rental of similar equipment when available while yours is being repaired. We offer overnight delivery to most locations in the continental US and fast 1 to 2 day delivery to many worldwide […]

Rental – PVRSJ-4-1300

Rental - PVRSJ-4-1300

PVRS-J 2-4-1300 Product Description: The portable video borescope provides high-resolution video images that are rich in detail & quality. They allow the user to to capture images and video files of remote visual inspections for future reference. Ideal for turbine and generator inspections or automotive engine inspections. 4.5mm diameter 1300mm working length Tungsten braid insertion […]