Karl Storz advanced video imaging offers the highest image quality with advanced image management capabilities.

The Industrial Videoscope was designed for applications requiring durability and high resolution optics.

The body of the scope has three built-in, operational buttons that allow for integration (used with low scene illumination), freeze, store and audio.

High-resolution images

Karl Storz Videoscopes produce excellent image quality by utilizing a high resolution CCD sensor coupled with advanced German lens designs. The Karl Storz Videoscope with full screen image provides a sharp clear image to ensure you can detect the smallest detail. Direct and side view tips available. click to enlarge photo

Durable construction

Karl Storz Videoscopes are designed for the toughest industrial applications. We offer 4 layers of protection to ensure the highest degree of durability. These Videoscopes have 2 stainless steel coil layers which help prevent damage from downward penetrating forces, one vinyl/PVC layer allowing the scope to be used in fluids and an external Stainless Steel outer braid mesh layer to resist wear from sliding in and out of applications. click to enlarge photo

Digital image management

A complete range of image management capabilities, including email and image storage, is available with Karl Storz videoscopes. You can zoom, freeze and digitally store inspection images, compare images, consult and perform trend analysis. You can even add audio annotations to enhance your inspection reports. click to enlarge photo

Field portable

Karl Storz Videoscope systems are designed to be easily carried and operated by one person.

Four-way articulation

You can manipulate the scope anywhere you want it to go quickly and easily for faster, more thorough inspections. The wide articulation range exceeding 180 degrees reduces inspection time and repair costs.

Selection of Working Lengths and Scope Tips

Karl Storz Videoscopes are available in diameters from 3.8 to 8.0 millimeters and 2.0 to 7.5 meter working lengths. A wide selection of interchangeable tips adds versatility to the scope. Direct and side viewing, magnifying, near and far focus and other useful tip adapters enable one scope to do the work of several.

Tip adapters

attach to the videoscope so that one scope can perform different inspection functions and help you reduce scope inventory. For example, you can quickly change from forward to side view and near to far focus as the inspection requires. You can also choose tips that give you wide, medium and narrow fields of view to meet specific application needs. A double locking mechanism holds the tips securely to the scope.

Custom Scopes

If you have a unique situation that cannot be solved with our standard product line please give us a call. Karl Storz engineers have extensive experience developing custom scopes and systems to meet our customer’s requirements.

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Karl Storz offers ISO 9001 certification.