Karl Storz offers a wide range of fiberscope diameters and working lengths

Karl Storz fiberscopes capture bright, clear images from deep inside turbines, pipes,machinery and other hard to view areas. The flexible probe can be snaked around corners and around obstacles. High resolution images allow you to see magnified views of the inspection area without graininess or loss of sharpness.

This allows inspectors to scrutinize tiny details and detect small defects.

High-resolution images

Karl Storz Fiberscopes offer high resolution images by utilizing a specialized packing technology of super-thin coherently aligned fibers that allows the inclusion of more fibers than other flexible scopes of equal diameter.


Karl Storz standard fiberscopes are designed with four layers of protection: two stainless steel coil layers help prevent damage from downward penetrating forces; a vinyl/PVC layer that allows the scope to be used in fluids; and an external tungsten or stainless steel outer layer that resists wear from repeated insertions. The Flexoscope’s small bending radius allows it to be easily inserted with less chance of damage or breakage.

Ergonomic design

The Flexoscope body has an angular design to assist in ease of use and articulation. 4-way scope articulation allows for the direction of the distal end of the scope to be manipulated to view specific areas. A wide articulation range reduces inspection time and decreases costly repair.

Working lengths and diameters

Standard Flexoscope models range in diameter from .5mm (0.02″) to 12mm (.470″). Working lengths up to 30′. All are durably designed for heavy-duty use in industrial environments.

Custom Scopes

If you have a unique situation that cannot be solved with our standard product line please give us a call. Karl Storz engineers have extensive experience developing custom scopes and systems to meet our customer’s requirements. You can greatly enhance your inspection reports with a wide range of digital capabilities provided by the new TPX™.

The entire Karl Storz line of borescopes, fiberscopes, videoscopes and documentation equipment is designed and manufactured for the toughest industrial applications.

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Karl Storz offers ISO 9001 certification.