Karl Storz Products


Karl Storz offers a wide range of fiberscope diameters and working lengths

Karl Storz fiberscopes capture bright, clear images from deep inside turbines, pipes,machinery and other hard to view areas. The flexible probe can be snaked around corners and around obstacles. High resolution images allow you to see magnified views of the inspection area without graininess or loss of sharpness.

This allows inspectors to scrutinize tiny details and detect small defects. Read on »

Swing Prism Borescopes

Swing Prism Borescopes allow inspectors to scan large areas quickly, while eliminating the need for multiple scopes. This reduces inventory, streamlines equipment supportability and reduces overall cost of ownership. These scopes use a swinging prism that allows the inspector to view from fore oblique to retrospection, -10 to 144 along the axis of insertion. A 400 shaft rotation provides for 360 degree internal viewing around the circumference of the tube. This allows the inspector to view large areas quickly and easily. Read on »

TechnoPack X

Videoscope Inspection Systems with Laser True Measurement

TechnoPack X inspection system combines the most advanced tools and technology every RVI inspector needs into one compact field portable unit. Read on »


Karl Storz advanced video imaging offers the highest image quality with advanced image management capabilities.

The Industrial Videoscope was designed for applications requiring durability and high resolution optics. Read on »