PVRS – Portable Videoscope Recording Systems

Introducing our NEW PVRS Models!

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We offer a wide array of customization options to suit YOUR inspection needs.  Configure the diameter, lighting, length, and articulation functionalities that YOU need!


4 inch LCD High Def Color Displaypvrs-display

  • Still Image Capture & Video Recording
  • Built-In, Rechargable Lithium Ion battery
  • Up to 4 x Zoom & Image Rotation
  • Integrated SD Card Storage
  • VGA Plug, with standard USB adapter cable allows for easy transfer of data to PC or other device


Articulation & Diameter Range Options...pvrs-art-range

  • Non-Articulating - 2.8mm - 8mm Diameters
  • 2-way - 3.5mm - 8mm Diameters
  • 4-way - 3.9mm - 8mm Diameters
  • Joystick - 3.9 - 8mm Diameters

Optional 90° Angle of View tips are available! (Interchangeable and mirror clip-on vary by diameter)

Integrated Light Sources...blacklight

  • Standard Adjustable LED Lighting
  • Black Light
  • Infrared

If our standard LED lighting is still not bright enough for what you need, let us know.  Our engineering team is currently working on integrating even BRIGHTER led lighting into the 6 - 8mm diameter probes!  We are happy to put in a "Custom Order" for you.

Standard Probe Lengths


Featuring standard IP67 Environmental rating!

  • 1.5m
  • 2m
  • 3m

Lengths beyond 3 meters are considered "Custom Orders" and may require additional lead time, but don't worry.  WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!  Just let us know what you need, and we will be happy to customize one of our videoscopes for your specialized requirements at far less cost than industry standard.