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PWC34910-109 Inspection Kit

We are the only company authorized to sell this kit referencing part number PWC34910-109 in the Engine Maintenance Manual (EMM).

PRICE: $9,995

PVRS-2-4-1300-Articulating Flexible Videoscope

Product Description:

The portable video borescope provides high-resolution video images that are rich in detail & quality. They allow the user to to capture images and video files of remote visual inspections for future reference. Ideal for turbine and generator inspections or automotive engine inspections.

  • Picture/Video Recording
  • 4.5mm Diameter
  • 2 Way Articulation
  • 1300mm Working Length Probe
  • Tungsten Sheathing
  • Built in LED Lights
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Comfortable Grip

Pratt &Whitney Guide Tube (Choice of 1 included) others available.

  • -PWC34910-200
  • -PWC34910-400
  • -PWC34910-600

Insertion Tube Holder and Rigid Sleeves.

  • Sleeve body gripper
  • 3 (4mm)Insertion tubes
    • Short Guide Tube: 290 mm long
    • Medium Guide Tube: 380 mm long
    • Long Guide Tube: 490 mm long
Heavy Duty Carrying Case
Transportation Case upgrade available

Pelican Transportation travel case with rollers available for a $100 upgrade fee